Academic Presentations

King's College London | Exploring Free Will with Magic Tricks | Feb 2020​

Cambridge University | Exploring Free Will with Magic Tricks | Feb 2020​


ESCOP Conference in Tenerife | How subtle gestures can influence decisions: A magicians' forcing technique using non-verbal primes to influence your choice of card | Poster presentation, Sep 2019

The Science of Magic Association Conference in Chicago | A psychologically-based taxonomy of magicians' forcing techniques | Jul 2019

Experimental Psychology Society Conference in Manchester| Social influence on sensitivity to subtle factors | Apr 2019

2nd International Conference on Neuroscience and Free Will in Irvine, CA| Exploring Free Will with Magic Tricks | Poster presentation, Mar 2019

Exeter University ExTalks | Psychology and magic | Mar 2019

Université de Bordeaux, SoPsy Association | Comment les magiciens influencent vos choix | Feb 2019

Science of Magic Association Conference in London | I Know Who You Are! Sensitivity to subtle factors using magic and mentalism tricks | Poster presentation, Sep 2017


Alice is fascinated by the quirks of our mind and passionate about transmitting scientific knowledge outside academia.


She believes it is crucial for us to understand how our mind works in order to use it in the best way.

Alice is currently doing her PhD thesis on feelings of free will and the illusion of control by conducting diverse original experiments using magic tricks (Goldsmiths University of London). By using magicians' forcing techniques, she is investigating the unconscious factors that subtly influence our choices.



Alongside her thesis, she holds interests in placebo effects on health and human performances, consciousness and its altered states, as well as in anomalistic psychology (i.e. psychology of the paranormal) and in all the quirky things of our mind.



Journal Articles